In the world of marketing and customer service, real-world tools can do wonders in enhancing customer experience.

Today, we can never underestimate the potential these tools – customer activity tracking, surveys, after-sales calls, and data imports – can bring to our growing business. They give us a foretaste of that experience too when we see things from the perspective of the customers. They appreciate companies taking that time to further study and analyze consumer habits and preferences to effectively serve them more effectively. Gone are the days of “shot-gun” approach in knowing our consumers. We cannot take that risk anymore.

Push brands in every interaction. When our customer service agents interact with the customers through phone or live chat, the customers actually make an impression about your business and your brand. Are we personal? Slow? Consistent?

We can deliver our brand promise to our clientele through these real-life tips:

1.    Develop our own customer goals;
2.    Establish ways to accomplish those goals;
3.    Identify possible problems at the onset; and
4.    Action plans on resolving problems

Be curious about the customer. Give yourself a more vivid picture of what your customers look like. Demographic research for example helps us learn about their profile. Every year, companies launch their very own customer satisfaction survey. In many cases, they give something useful like short vacation trips, an mp3 player or gift certificate. By knowing, we are also delighting. Whatever activities we do, our efforts in understanding the customer are always rewarded as we continue enhancing them for a better experience next time.

There are now “emerging” tools that can aid us. Social networking is now where both companies and customers meet. Sites like Facebook or Twitter provide a unique opportunity to interact in a more casual environment. Customer call centers can still gather a myriad of stories about interaction that either builds or breaks our brand. New learning can be discovered there as we take them along and apply the right strategies in delivering great customer experiences.