You are a small business owner, and you have taken the uncharted territory of outsourcing your customer service, possibly offshore.

Since you have come this far, is it not your right to push your call center to deliver the results you wanted? Outsourcing goes far beyond saving up thousands of money. It should impact organizational performance and improve customer experience to:

Put an end to frustration. Business or not business, everyone becomes a customer at one point. Callers feel nothing but irritation every time they are placed endlessly on hold.

If this system continues to go on, the impact can be great as it can cripple any business, leading to customer loss and revenue. Develop a strategy that manages all customer interaction. Connect with your customers more quickly through your call center, and deliver faster service, fewer transfers, quicker problem-solving and no more annoyance.

Boost innovation. There is a tenet in marketing: Be where the market is. Your contact center should be creative enough to engage your customers in new and inventive ways.

Innovation offers proactive contact, gives you operational insights and captures revenue-generating opportunities. Other than traditional voice and e-mail, use interactions like live web chat, IM or video calls, and more recently social media (i.e. Facebook and Twitter). Develop a centralized platform that brings everything together as one strategy.

Ensure your success. There are stories about contact centers not reaching the expectations of their clients. The key to any customer strategy is service. Call centers are partners in driving this ultimate goal that in the end, your business maximizes a healthy return on investment.

No matter how your customers prefer to contact you, the call center should raise this interaction to a whole new level by providing consistent and positive service experience. Your provider’s expertise should keep you responsive to the changing needs of the customer.