Hiring a help desk call center can be a demanding process for businesses considering an offshore provider. This entails lots of research, in-depth interviews and rigorous screening. It is an uncharted territory so every step should be sure, and every decision informed.

First off, keep in mind that help desk call centers have their own key competencies. There are call centers that have experience in managing some of the world’s technology brands, backed by hundreds of top-level agents and the latest technologies, while others have worked with start-ups or mid-sized companies that are still carving out a niche in the market. There are those that can deliver a full range of services and capabilities while some specialize only in one. You will be either impressed or overwhelmed with many options around you, but the main question remains: “Is it worth the time and effort going offshore?” If you are outsourcing abroad for the first time, here are top three guidelines for selecting the most appropriate vendor:

1.    Consider a site visit. This is a must. If you are exploring an offshore customer service to handle your product or service, you should arrange an ocular inspection to see how technical support agents work. As prospect, you need to observe how these representatives talk to their customers and how they escalate issues. Do not be afraid to ask team leaders or managers in the operations floor because they can give you a strong sense of the actual help desk environment. You are there to ask and learn.

2.    Look at the company’s track record. When in doubt, go for a provider that has experience in your line of business. You do not want to end up in the obsolete and inefficient company.

3.    Ask for references. Call a current or a previous client regarding the call center’s performance. Interviewing referees validates initial impressions and removes apprehensions. More importantly, previous and existing clients can provide you with opinions to help you make the right choice.

The role of technical support has increased in importance around the world. New products and services surge every year, and they are bought by thousands of end-users. There are cases when customers cannot afford to return to the store where they bought the device. They rely on help desk call centers for solving technical problems. Companies that outsource to the right technical support call center have better customer satisfaction and higher success rate in retaining existing customers. Start looking for the right provider today.