Unless you’ve been living on the planet Pluto, we’re pretty sure you’re aware of the popular video game that has taken the world by storm. While many of us may find the game fun and at times, addictive, there seems to be another type of “anger” brewing in the call center industry.

The angry flock being referred to above has to do with customers. The customer, as anyone in the call center industry knows, is the key factor that to a successful business. Turn customers into Angry Birds and you’re surely headed for disaster.

So how do you avoid turning your customers into an angry flock that’s ready to pounce on your agent, just like those birds striking down the pig?

One way is to value your customers. Inbound call center agents must realize that a client that calls actually has a concern or a problem. Avoid giving them the run–around by transferring them from one agent to the other, putting them on hold, and telling them that nothing can be done.

If their concern can’t be addressed during the call, assure them that you will do your best to find the answer. And actually do a follow up to give them the answer.

Finally, fix your own call center’s problem—that which addresses any policies that can eliminate or at least, lessen the number of angry customers. While you cannot please everybody, the least number of angry birds among your clients is most likely the best option.