Global industries can learn a lesson or two from call centers in Asia.

These regional providers consider continuing satisfaction and retention as their top priorities to retain customers. This is according to the first online survey conducted by Datacraft, a leading independent IT services and solutions company.

Call centers cannot lose clients especially that the world market is gradually recovering from the economic crisis. Contact center managers in Asia are realizing that there should be more focus on keeping clients satisfied.

Measurement of satisfaction with a call center is a key indicator in customer relationship management. Asian centers rank high with 78.6% compared to global centers which have 64.7%.

The study reports that Asia leads the rest of the world by 10%. With respect to speed, 78% of the calls made in Asia-based call centers are addressed within 10 seconds. It says that 85% of the calls are resolved either through agent handling the call or the supervisor.

The average wait time is shorter in Asia. Customers around the world wait for almost a minute, while customers of Asian call centers only wait for 34 seconds.

Aside from this distinctive ability, Asian call centers are well-known for cost-effectiveness, resource and staff availability, and skills proficiency.

Lifetime value and profitability

Asian call centers can give businesses around a world a few guidelines on how to take this direction. To build long-term relationship with clients, organizations must focus on 2 important factors: Customer lifetime value and client profitability.

Customer lifetime value means how much customers are worth during the time they have been a customer. Being knowledgeable of their contribution to the growth of a business is useful in creating long-term strategies for client retention.

On the other hand, client profitability is measuring the potential profitability or business the center can give the client. This is done by training an agent to react to a certain client. Not all customers are the same. Agents should be able to respond differently to each one. Contact centers are becoming more sophisticated when it comes to customer segmentation.

In all, Asian call centers are maintaining their services at the highest level of professionalism. For them, the bottom line is the quality of service and striving hard to improve it to increase customer retention.

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