Many of today’s retailers are capturing a bigger market share, thanks to the web. While the doors of brick-and-mortar stores will remain open only during business hours, the trend is now seeing more customers researching and buying online – from cell phone accessories, jewelry, books, shoes to clothing – anytime of the day.

Fred Chua, chief executive officer of Magellan Solutions, said customer service plays a big role in any web-based business, whether it is a small merchant or a global manufacturer. “Consumers may be looking for Internet retailers to buy specific products, they’re also expecting them to provide a highly sophisticated shopping experience supported by a high level of customer support.” Inbound call center support means receiving their inquiries through live chat, e-mail, voice and social media. “Although the most advanced e-commerce platform is impressive, customers still want a ‘human voice’ on the other line that can help them in their decision or make recommendations on the latest offers,” Chua said.

Magellan Solutions has done a wide range of call center services, particularly order taking, telephone answering services, technical support and reservations, for several businesses with established online presence. “The quick replies to e-mails and call center agents on stand by can generate strong awareness. Outstanding inbound customer support gives them a good reason why business success is achievable.”

As an advice for online retailers wanting to provide a better experience to customers, this is what Chua has to say – “Don’t ever think you can do ‘everything’ alone. Customers these days want answers – and they want them fast. Extend your assistance wherever and whenever it is convenient for them.”