by Arthur Kevin Rabago

Two woodcutters happened to be working near each other in the forest one day.

While they were both about the same age, one woodcutter was much smaller than the other one. But they both were strong and experienced.

In between, they took a 15-minute break for every two hours they worked.

As the sun was setting and the day’s work was nearing an end, the bigger woodcutter noticed that the smaller woodcutter had chopped more wood than he did.

Bewildered, the bigger woodcutter exclaimed “I’m bigger than you, and we worked in the same amount of time – how come you have accomplished a lot more work than I did?”

“Simple,” said the smaller woodcutter. “Whenever I rest, I take the time to sharpen my axe.”

This story conveys the message that we can never expect to perform at our peak level, day after day, year after year, without honing our personal and business axes and saws on a regular basis.

If we continue cutting the wood of life day after day without sharpening our skills, someone else or some other company will outperform us.

The work in an inbound and outbound call center is evolving. Continuous Improvement is the name of the game if we want to be “cutting edge” in everything we do. Let us keep our saws and axes sharp at all times.