The call center is the new marketing – a major front-liner that can best represent your company and the product or service you offer. It comprises a team of brand stewards whose role is to interact with your customers in a positive and engaging manner.

How the outsourced provider manages your customers will eventually reflect on your credibility. It becomes an extension of your company and the values you stand for. As you seek out the most qualified, you select the right provider based on its:

Quality. It should consistently deliver an exceptional customer service. Everybody demands excellent work. Call centers, whether it is offshore or not, is not an exception.

Flexibility. Not all call centers are willing to customize its services according to the client’s exact needs. They have the packages set in place so the customer only has to choose. Look for those who are willing to custom-fit its capabilities toward achieving your business goals.

Track record. How long has the call center been in existence? There are a few companies that have made consistent work through the years. They take pride in their depth of expertise and experience.

Pricing. The good one knows what it does, and so is the price. The prospective candidate should provide detailed information on project scope, timelines and costs. As a small business owner, you want “more wins” for the investment to be made in this endeavor.

Adaptability to technology. Your business may have an existing technology or a in-house software. The call center must be able to learn this technology and use it to your advantage.

Remember: The call center is your connection with your market. Customers will perceive you based on the manner of which you deal with them. So think twice before deciding on the right one.