Have you ever noticed how large companies have so many different departments? You’ve got Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement, Administration and the like. And for some reason, it makes people think that these guys are “professionals” and not some “fly-by-night” scam. The good news is that your growing Home Interiors and Bathroom Fixtures business doesn’t need to be as big as Home Depot to have that “professional touch”. All you need is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service, such as a customer call center. A caller who dials your new contact center hotline, for instance, can be greeted by a recording that prompts him to “press a number” to reach his desired “department”—such as pressing “1” for inquiries,  “2” for order taking service, “3” for technical support call center, and so on. To heighten the experience, it would be great to field a team of courteous, friendly, and well-trained phone reps to assist customers with their needs. They are, after all, the face (rather, the voice) of your company. Complete the professional touch by making sure that every query, order, or even complaint is processed and dealt with accordingly. Don’t make customers feel like their feedback fell on deaf ears. Consider call center services today. It’s more professional.