With its continued rise, the call center industry has evolved and diversified that a lot of people are now having difficulty in understanding the various call center job ad posted online.

People these days cannot tell the difference between technical support and telemarketing. All they do is that they are all taking calls.

This two-part primer will guide future call center professionals to choose the kind of career that best fits their skills and preferences. Call center jobs can be classified in four categories:

1) Support
2) Sales
3) Transcription and
4) Others

We will first discuss Support and Sales.

1)    Support
The careers in the call center’s support department have a wide variety of administrative jobs. They range from administrative work like human resources, accounting to information technology and public relations.

Back-office Support. This provides customers with back-office support to their clients. This would include administrative, clerical, data management/processing and e-mail management.

Product Support. This provides information and technical assistance regarding the client’s products.

Help Desk/Technical Support – Help Desk/Technical Support agents provide troubleshooting support for PCs, laptops, printers, scanners, and computer peripherals, as well as software issues and internet issues.

Customer Service/Care – Customer service professionals ensure that the organization they represent satisfies their customers’ needs. They are usually in charge of providing help and advice to customers using their client’s products or services; they are skilled in communicating courteously with customers via telephone and email.

Foreign Language Support – Multilingual agents provide phone support using two or more languages

2) Sales
Sales Call Center jobs focus on promoting and selling the client’s service/product to potential clients.

Inbound Sales – Inbound sales agents are responsible for answering inbound calls from interested parties with the intention of selling a product/service or taking/fulfilling an order.

They are also expected to provide outstanding customer service and answer the relevant questions of callers.

Outbound Sales – Outbound sales representatives are assigned to sell products or services over the phone to potential clients. They usually predetermine sales leads based upon a list of criteria specific to the sales requirements set out by the company they are representing.

The outbound sales representative calls the sales leads and delivers a sales presentation from a pre-written script.

In the next article will discuss careers in Transcription and Other/Miscellaneous call center opportunities.