If you are on the contact center industry side, you would probably think that being sugary nice to customers is the proven formula for increasing order fulfillment (and for pleasing your business client).

The truth is, playing nice is just one part of customer service. When it comes to increasing sales and making profits for clients, a confident and engaging call center agent wins the customer’s trust and makes more order fulfillment for the day.

Confident and proactive

Contact centers around the world are espousing a more innovative approach in dealing with callers. Agents working in an answering service order taking call center are not mere order takers but sellers of products. Top customer service call center agents can put callers in the right mood and set a logical environment to process orders.

As the economy takes an upward turn, small and medium businesses can consider this as an opportune time to focus on closing more orders through customer engagement. It would not even hurt a bit if you can up-sell new offers.

Order taking call centers now play a big role in boosting sales orders. Customer service transcends beyond serving people because every closed sale results in healthy profits. A great workplace drives agents to excel, enabling them to manage every call with a sense of urgency. Instead of hearing a monotonous scripted description on product offers, agents brimming with energy can pitch an offer by saying something like, “Mr./Ms. (name), we can deliver this product within 24 hours if you act now…”

Customers react differently when handled by snappy and engaging call center agents. Not only is it a worthwhile call for them, it is a subtle path to achieving long-term relationships. Forget call centers that cannot fulfill their purpose. It is time to create an exhilarating experience from a high-quality customer-centric organization driven by its inbound call center.