While consumers shove the famous phrase The Customer is Always Right in our faces, we cannot help but feel the searing pain every time we deal with “customers from hell.”

Being “bad” as a customer is subjective and could mean a lot of things, depending on how you define it. There are companies that have high tolerance for dealing with difficult people while those who are not easily give in and push back.

Customers are considered “bad” if they insist on what they want or abuse our fellow workers. Ultimately, they require our undivided attention, yet can suck out all our energies. Agents working in a customer call center can quickly tell individuals like this through the tone of their voice and their impossible demands.

Sadly, there are many small and medium businesses that have fallen trap into tough situations, thinking that regardless of how customers treat them, they still contribute to bottom-line growth. This is partially true. But if holding on to this kind of customers is hurting our business, then it is time to assess whether they are worth keeping or not.

So, how do we let go of complicated customers? Here are guidelines to remember:

Identify the problem. We need to know what situations have been the most damaging in the relationship. Get a good understanding of what is really going on before we decide if this would mean giving up these unreasonable customers (at last!).

Present your issue. As growing organizations, we also have the right to voice out our opinions. Be prepared because these customers may or may not be willing to accept our feedback. They will either change for the better or resist us. If they resist and push back, then we should carefully analyze and decide how these customers will benefit us in the long run.

Recommend a new partner. If all else fails and you have done everything to make these customers realize their behavior, then show your kindness by helping them find another supplier.

Losing customers may not be a wise move as this may affect our revenues, but think of the consequences they make in our activities. Let us give ourselves one big favor by keeping customers who are worthy of our time and money. And if you want to effectively manage different types of customers, consider hiring an outsourced customer service or any inbound call center support. These agents are your front liners, the experts in establishing long and healthy vendor-customer relationships.

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