Did You Know: Proper Customer Care Training Equals Success

business-successRegular followers of our blogs may know by now how we keep emphasizing, in fact pounding, about the importance of customer care in any business venture. Whether you’re running a small food kiosk at the mall or a large multi-billion dollar conglomerate specializing in textiles for export, serving your clients as best you can is the key to success.

Yet did you know that there is something more important than customer service itself? That’s right, something else has taken the cake. We’re talking about proper training of your team. For how can they serve your valued customers if they don’t know how, or don’t have a clue to begin with?

If an employee is properly trained on the basics of food serving or contact center ins and outs, as well as things like how to answer the telephone, for instance, the results can be happy customers every time. On the contrary, the opposite can happen if, as the folks at Entrepreneur.com put it, “The end result of such an encounter (with a poorly trained staffer) is typically a vow to never return to or refer that particular business again.” The end result can very costly and devastating, especially for your business’ bottom line.

So how do you ensure that your staff is well-trained to meet the demands of customer care? A good way to begin is by looking for a training program that is catered to your specific industry and the specific tasks that each employee is assigned to do. If you’re training a waiter, make sure that you don’t enroll him in a training camp for dressmakers. Getting him started on the basics of waiting on clients and taking down their orders in a friendly and courteous manner can better equip him to serve them in a “flawless” and efficient way.

It may likewise be a good idea to have “role playing” games where different scenarios will be put forth, seeing how your team will react to certain situations. Do a mock call to see how your contact center agents handle such a caller with an “angry client” on the other end of the line. This way, you can correct any mistakes you may notice, as well as give pointers on how to do things more effectively.

In the end, a well-trained team can go a long way in winning clients’ hearts. Investing in a bit of customer service training can definitely spell the difference between success and failure.

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3 thoughts on “Did You Know: Proper Customer Care Training Equals Success

  1. Jon, though many companies do know that continual training in the relevant technical and inter-personal skills is an extremely important element for delivering good customer service, your question is still valid and suggestions very useful.

    The fact is that while importance of imparting training may be common knowledge it is by no means a common practice. Even with well-equipped in-house training facilities companies fail to implement the training plans drawn well in advance. It finally shows a lack of culture of discipline.

  2. Companies should really set goals and step up in their game in providing a delightful customer service today. Right now, customer service is the new battle ground and whoever fight better and stronger for their customers gonna win customer’s loyalty.

  3. Hi Jon, You are so right about training. Sadly, there is often an assumption made that the impact of a single training course lasts forever. It has been my experience that the reality is somewhat different. Re-verification of training materials on a semi-annual basis is a great way to identify where there are holes. It is also important to have some idea of what training materials have proven effective in bringing about improvement so that expensive agent time is not wasted on content that is not effective. Skills Assessor has solved these problems. Skills Assessor not only assesses or measures knowledge levels but it also connects knowledge measures to performance measures. Skills Assessor provides prescriptive steps for correcting and improving each and every agent’s performance.

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