There are small businesses that crash and burn because they cannot identify the thin line between Customer Service and Customer Dictatorship. They think for them to retain the most loyal customers, they must give in to their endless – and often impossible – demands without question.

We often find ourselves saying yes to a customer even though at the back of our head, we believe the demand is out of line with what our business really offers. Actually, we can say yes without realizing that that their requests are turning them into dictators.

Is that the way we treat our customers?

In these times when we cannot afford to lose them, we can still provide the highest quality of service without losing our ground. We cannot turn our customers into spoiled brats who break into tantrums all because we failed to give them what they demand. This would mean explaining to them your existing business policies and promises so that in the future, their expectations will match the reality of what your business can only do and deliver. Let us make clear commitments that emphasize our strengths and our limitations. We can respond to their complaints with dignity and with a strong commitment to resolving any issue. It means no to the request and yes to the customer. β€œYes, we appreciate your continued patronage with us. However, it does not work for my business to provide that service at that price. We can provide you with an alternative option at a price we believe you will like. And we can talk about it right now.”

Let your business give the most excellent offer without getting crushed morally with impossible demands. Be excellent at what you do and remain faithful to your core values. It will be soon when you realize you are opening a bigger playing field where you can do significant work and deliver nothing more but the best.