They say you don’t need to dress up as Santa Claus to spread the holiday cheer. Sometimes, a simple smile or a warm hello and holiday greeting is all it takes to light up someone’s face and make them feel the warmth of the season. The same can actually hold true for your customer service call center. You don’t need to have a grand holiday raffle to make customers feel special. In fact, simply ensuring that clients don’t need to wait on an incessantly ringing call center service telephone hotline is a good start. You can likewise back this up with emails that are answered immediately, and Facebook posts that get a prompt reply. Then there are the outsourced inbound call center reps. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to remind them of proper courtesy. Minding their manners, along with a warm greeting and impeccable customer service—personalized attention, for instance,–is definitely the way to go. Of course, having a raffle and dressing up as Santa wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. Just make sure you’ve got excellent customer care to back this up.


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