Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc., one of the Philippines’ fastest-growing call centers, is offering small and medium enterprises, and large corporations across the globe its full range of inbound call center solutions to support their customer service in their home country. As businesses look toward the future, they are setting high standards for ensuring growth this year by providing first-class customer help.

Although customer support remains a flagship offer, Magellan has been attracting companies requiring lead generation, telemarketing, inbound surveys, call reservations, and message transcription. The company will soon be introducing customized price packages designed to suit the budget of each client.

Fred Chua, chief executive officer of Magellan Solutions, said that more small and mid-sized businesses have been considering outsourcing their inbound customer service to the Philippines. “One inquiry from a company in the United States asked us how it can move its entire customer care department to the Philippines,” he said enthusiastically. The Philippines he said continues to enjoy a reputation in the international community as the world’s offshoring destination. Voice-based services remain popular.

Setting higher standards

The economic meltdown is a major learning not just to Fortune 100 but all types of businesses everywhere. Chua said organizations are becoming stricter by demanding more efficiency coupled by a high level of professionalism. He said this has been Magellan’s achievement, as evidenced by clients who have stayed with the company since it began operations in 2005. “We always strive to exceed our client’s expectations. We have been gifted with talented and fluent agents who are properly trained to meet their requirements and are motivated to do more.” To date, the company has 275 employees in 2 locations and still expanding.

Magellan Solutions today offers inbound call center services such as technical support, order fulfillment, complaints handling, after office hours support, dealers locators and multi-lingual support. Chua is encouraging more business owners abroad to take advantage of these services. Magellan Solutions after all provides the same level of service usually offered by multinational call centers to small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.

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