Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc., a growing Philippines-based contact center, continues to expand its client base this year.

From its 200 workforce in 2009, the company grew steadily in a span of 6 months, now with a total of 375 employees in 2 different sites in San Juan where both centers are based. A new center is expected to be opened in Quezon City sometime this year.

According to Fred Chua, chief operating officer of Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc., the growth has been attributed to the company’s flexibility in providing the kind of service to clients, particularly the small and medium business across the globe. Starting its operations as purely inbound call center in 2005, Magellan Solutions today offers a wide range of contact center services such as order taking, customer support, telephone answering services, web chat, e-mail, lead generation, direct selling and voice transcription. The company is also capable of handling tech support.

Despite its size, Magellan Solutions has the industry expertise in providing the same level of service mostly offered by multinational call centers. The company has both the resource and the infrastructure to deliver the same range of services in inbound and outbound contact center services, and business process outsourcing. “Clients value closer collaboration with their provider particularly in the industry like ours,” Chua said. “It’s where our company’s strength lies, which makes it very attractive to them. We have always remained committed to giving what our customers want, ensuring high service delivery whether it is live order taking, voice transcription or telephone answering service.”

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