Order Taking Call Centers: Giving Working Moms a Helping Hand During the Holidays

Order Taking Call Centers: Giving Working Moms a Helping Hand During the Holidays

Working moms—supermoms, they are often called. Because if you really think about it, the sheer ability to juggle between work, the kids, the home, and pleasing the man of the house is astounding.

Yet even working moms need a helping hand, right?

That’s why it would be an excellent idea to remind your order taking call center partner that their service, together with your online portal, can be a supermom’s best friend, especially this holiday season.

Speak to a typical working mother and chances are, she’ll go on about how 24 hours just isn’t enough to get everything done. So how can she find the time to shop for presents for the growing brood? While most moms will definitely find a way, it wouldn’t hurt to point them to your shopping site. Moreover, tell them that they can dial your inbound call center hotline to complete the shopping experience.

Now, they can look for presents for their kids’ teachers at school, shop for groceries for Thanksgiving (celebrated in the US) and Christmas dinners, and even get the hubby that bowling ball he’s always wanted—all from the convenience of their office, without the boss having any notion that they’re shopping while working.

As if that’s not convenient enough, they can ask the call center service agent to have these delivered straight to their home or office. It’s fuss-free, right?

Give your working mom a present this holiday season. You can even get call a customer contact center for help.

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