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  • The Core of Customer Service is Honesty

    Customer service is often defined as the overall experience of a customer with a product or service. Most companies focus their efforts on ensuring that the entire customer interface is seamlessly executed from start to finish, from well-crafted spiels, 24/7 hotlines, advanced self-service platforms and endless feedback surveys to gauge what customers look for and what they are unhappy about. Companies spend

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  • How An Answering Service Benefits Legal Firms, Medical Institutions, And Dental Facilities

    Professional industries need contact centers to maintain a thriving business. Law firms have different contact service requirements compared to hospitals and clinics. Below are the types of answering services and how different businesses can be served through an outsourced call center to questions from clients and partners. Types Of Answering Services • Automated answering service - Cust

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  • Business Process Outsourcing for SMEs: Yes or No?

    Are you an entrepreneur thinking about how to take your business to new levels of productivity? Are you looking at streamlining your current processes to strengthen brand recall to target customers? And are you exploring outsourcing to help you achieve these goals? This article walks you through the fundamentals of outsourcing so you can decide better if this will ultimately suit your needs and prop

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  • 9 Customer Service Skills Found In Most Philippine Employees

    There seems to be no stopping the Philippine BPO industry. Definitely not surprising as the country holds a huge amount of talented individuals who are more than happy to earn a good salary without leaving the country. The government also helps the industry grow with its programs that support it. Choosing a company in the Philippines will not be something you would regret. The country has individuals who are

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Taking It All In: An Introduction To Various Inbound Contact Center Services standard

Beyond piping hot pizzas, customer contact centers offer a wealth of services that cater to various “inbound” needs. While traditional inquiries and requests will always be part of the mix, business owners can take advantage of such services as the aforementioned Order Taking, Helpdesk and Technical Support, Call Overflow, Dealer locator, Multilingual support, and even...

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