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  • How to Choose the Right Call Center Vendor in the Philippines

    Non-core competency activities shouldn’t be neglected. Customer support and other call center services are non-core competencies to most companies so they opt to outsource these. Choosing the right call center vendor is very important because

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  • Offshore Call Center for Cruise Companies

    The primary goal of cruise companies is to give customers a one-of-a-kind experience –but most companies neglect an important part of this. That one-of-a-kind experience should start not when the customers take their first step on the ship, but at the moment they book a reservation or

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  • Outsourcing an Infomercial Call Center

    Infomercials or DRTVs (direct response television) are designed and produced with the primary goal of selling a product. To make sure that an infomercial campaign achieves a robust return on investment (ROI), put all the necessary support and technology in place. This is where your infomer

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  • Medical Appointment Scheduling/Re-Scheduling from an Offshore Location

    Healthcare entities save valuable time and effort when they outsource to reliable and efficient billing companies in offshore location their patients’ appointment schedules and re-scheduling. Outsourcing gives them more time for other important tasks such as i

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