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  • Offshore Call Center for Cruise Companies

    The primary goal of cruise companies is to give customers a one-of-a-kind experience –but most companies neglect an important part of this. That one-of-a-kind experience should start not when the customers take their first step on the ship, but at the moment they book a reservation or

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  • Outsourcing an Infomercial Call Center

    Infomercials or DRTVs (direct response television) are designed and produced with the primary goal of selling a product. To make sure that an infomercial campaign achieves a robust return on investment (ROI), put all the necessary support and technology in place. This is where your infomer

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  • Medical Appointment Scheduling/Re-Scheduling from an Offshore Location

    Healthcare entities save valuable time and effort when they outsource to reliable and efficient billing companies in offshore location their patients’ appointment schedules and re-scheduling. Outsourcing gives them more time for other important tasks such as i

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  • Outsourcing to the Philippines: a Good Place to Begin Your Startup

    The outsourcing industry loves the Philippines. There are a number of reasons why. Recently lauded as the world’s second fastest growing economy, the Philippines attracts more and more startups with its booming outsourcing industry. The country has been undertaking an important role for the efficie

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