Order of the Day: Selling Via Home TV Shopping

home-tv-shoppingUnless you’ve been hiding under your favorite rock for the past few decades, then we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Home TV Shopping. In case you haven’t Home TV Shopping, seen on such networks as Home Shopping Network, QVC, and Value Vision, is a venue where vendors can sell their wares and inventions—all of which can be seen and sold to millions of television viewers across the country or even the world. Such items are purchased by calling up a toll-free service where agents take down shoppers’ orders.

If you’re pondering on whether or not this would be a good way to let people know about your budding business, it could be worth considering. For one thing, millions of viewers tune in to these shows all the time—even during the wee hours of the night. Dave Dettman, founder of Mr. Product LLC, in his article on Entrepreneur.com, even agrees that “it’s not unheard of for an item to sell several thousand units in just a few minutes”.

If you do decide to go on air (your product, that is), it would be best to beef up that order taking contact center service. Yes, nothing can be more embarrassing than not being able to make that product readily available to awaiting customers after an enthusiastic host raves about its cool features and invites people to buy it “and get a free gift if they call within the next five minutes”. Give them a number to call, in other words.

While the Home Shopping Network may have its own customer service hotline where interested buyers can call in to order, having your own service assures you that potential buyers can reach you at any time–even if the network has already gone on to selling other wares from another vendor. Needless to say, having a friendly and efficient order taking team can go a long way in selling more goods.

So the next time you find yourself looking for ways to sell your goods, why not consider going on TV. With TV still being one of the most popular ways to be seen and heard, you may just find yourself with a huge smile once those orders start pouring in.


Every Second Counts

It is often said that life is short. This is why it is important to make every day, every minute count, so you won’t have any regrets later on.

Just like life, your Customer Décor shop’s call center agents must always remember to make every phone call count—particularly every minute spent during these calls. But how does one make the most of every minute on the phone, especially if there can only be so many minutes per call?

One way is the establish rapport with the caller. This means making them feel that you’re more than willing to attend to their every need or answer every question they might have. Moreover, your contact center reps must immediately get to the business at hand without making clients feel like they’re being rushed.

Needless to say, your inbound call center agents must always remember to exude the same warmth and care—even if they’re seemingly under time pressure.

Customer call center calls are short. Make every minute count.


Standing Out From the Pack Starts With Effective Order Taking

order taking call centerHave you noticed how everyone seems to offer an order taking service nowadays? From pizza chains to appliance depots, almost all establishments now allow customers to order either over the phone or via the internet.

But is there any way your Sandwiches R Plus restaurant can stand out from the rest—aside from the tasty sandwiches? Actually, there is. And you can start with that same customer call center facility.

It begins with the channels—voice (from an order taking call center), e-mail, website, Facebook, just to name a few. Whatever form of communication you use, make sure your customers can easily reach you, wherever they are. While you’re at it, make sure that someone will be there to take down those orders—in a fast and timely manner. And always double check to ensure that all details are accurate, and that delivery addresses, for example, are correct.

Once the order has been received, quickly get in touch with the processing and delivery/dispatch teams. Doing so will increase the chances of clients getting their orders sooner. This likewise helps you keep them loyal, or even win new ones in the process.

It’s great to have your very own order taking call center service. It’s even better if it’s an effective, kick-ass one.

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Limited Offer? Free Up Those Reservations Services

limited offerYou can hardly control yourself. You’re gushing over a limited-for-the-holidays-offer for the latest Android tablet–with a promo that offers a discount by reserving your gadget via their customer service hotline within the 12 days of Christmas. As you rush to call up the Reservation Hotline, however, your heart slowly sinks with each attempt.

Each try yields frustration–if the line isn’t busy, you’re put on hold for what seems like a lifetime.  The sad news is that this goes on for days, and when you finally get through, the promo period has elapsed.

Your eat-all-you-can diner, however, doesn’t have to offer clients such an annoying “(dis)service”. You can probably start by making sure that your Reservations Call Center hotlines are always free. If you’re blessed with high caller volumes, it might be a good idea to get Call Overflow services to back up the Reservations line. Outsourced call centers can assign a few more people, provide additional hours or numbers to serve customers at any given time.

Moreover, you might want to open up other channels aside from the telephone—especially during peak seasons such as the holidays. Reserve-by-email or Live Chat bookings are likewise a good idea, especially in today’s tech-savvy world. Oh, and of course, Facebook on Reserve will definitely be a plus.

Whatever channel you open up, make sure to monitor incoming traffic. This ensures that every reservation and query is handled accordingly.

Just because those offers are limited, it doesn’t mean your reservations call center services should be.

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What’s On the Menu? (A Look at Various Order Taking Services)

“What’s on the menu?’ is the question most often asked when eating out. Be it in a small diner or a fancy five-star restaurant, the question on people’s mind, apart from the first one is, “What can I order?”

The same can somehow be applied to the ever-growing customer care contact center industry. Aside from the usual voice calls, new and exciting services have evolved over the years. You’ve got reservations services, Campaign Management, and Live Chat. And of course, there’s order taking call center services.

As the name suggests, order taking services refer to a call center service that allows clients to facilitate various processes that deal with taking in more business. Such a service features various “sub-services” that can help customers avail of certain products or services.

So what’s on the “order taking menu”, you ask?

For starters (appetizers?), your growing business can avail of Applications and Claims processing. Call center telephone reps can make the tedious processing of insurance claims as simple as a phone call away.

Then you’ve got the “meaty” part of subscription services, as well as another service known as Feedback Collection. Not only can your customers enjoy easy access when subscribing to their favorite magazine title, for instance, giving their “two-cents worth” about last month’s issue is a simple call or click-of-the-mouse away.

So take the time to peruse the “menu”. There’s definitely an order taking service that’s suited to your needs (and taste?). Who knows? It might even come with a free dessert.

Should I Order?

“May I take your order?” is a question you often hear when eating out. From McDonald’s to the finest five-star restaurants, the fast food attendant or waiter never fails to ask the hungry patrons.

Did you know, however, that this line doesn’t just apply to your trendy neighborhood Starbucks? The customer contact center business likewise has a service where callers can place their orders—done via Order Taking Services.

As the name suggests, Order Taking is an inbound service that deals with recording and processing of orders.  Needless to say, it goes beyond the usual “do you want fries-with-your-cheeseburger” type of orders and takes in just about anything product or service customers can avail themselves of.

How will you know if your company should partake of this service, you ask? The simple answer is: are you selling a product or service? Moreover, does your business require a dedicated team to handle such a service?

A magazine publisher can, for instance, process subscription faster and more efficiently with this service. Order taking services can likewise ease the hassles often associated with claims processing. And getting customer feedback can be even simpler than filling out the feedback form itself.

Consider Order Taking Services call center service today. Just remind your telephone agents to avoid blurting out “do you want to up-size that?”, especially if they’re processing a pre-need insurance plan.

Order Taking is Great for Small and Medium Businesses

order-entry-call-center-philippinesMore small- and medium-sized businesses around the world are realizing the importance of call centers for their front- and back-office operations.

Apart from their cost-saving benefits, an outsourced call center services enable companies focus on their core expertise while seeing customers being managed more efficiently and professionally. In fact, the higher the opportunities for handling customers, the bigger chances of keeping them and generating more revenues.

There are many call center solutions in the market, but one of the most popular services they use today is order taking.

An order entry call center is ideal for small and medium businesses offering a wide variety of consumer goods. They can also be perfect for service-oriented enterprises. Business can be as diverse as selling flowers, pet grooming and supplies, confectioneries, specialty food, insurance or pizza delivery. The products can be endless!

The good thing about having an outsourced order taking call center is the flexibility. The hired provider can synchronize its operations with business hours. Better yet, agents can take more calls even after office or even 24/7.

How Order Taking brings money

While most order taking services are inbound by nature, the revenue earned through this model is how businesses can help customers fulfill a specific need.

For example, a customer calls your call center to know the effects of a 1.5 mm dermaroller and a 1 mm dermaroller on the skin. The agent can provide a more detailed explanation on these products and will be more than happy to explain their benefits. This now provides an opportunity to ask which product would be a better option for the customer.

Smart move

Live people on the call often provide clarity for any customer’s queries. Real interaction provides the highest degree of successful sales, real-time customer service and instant feedback. Best of all, the service can be customized according to a company’s specific requirements. Businesses can have more front-liners logging on more orders on the company-owned system without hiring additional staff. This saves thousands of money for an in-staff.

Order taking managed by an outsourced call center improves any business’ order taking processes. Whether it is retail or e-commerce store, insurance, or education, the service is viable for organizations that want to achieve long-term growth.

For more information on order taking services, visit our Web site.

Real people, real results from an order taking call center

Customers often measure a company in its ability to provide superior customer service. An impeccable delivery comes from an interaction with a live person taking the call.

If your business is primarily engaged in promoting goods and services, you may need a professional team of agents who both have the skill and the aptitude to take specific orders with precision.

Taking orders requires real people

Order taking services is a serious matter every small and medium business owner should know. For one, it enables your business to respond to the immediate concerns of the customer such as making instructions or clarifying issues. Some organizations have walked the extra mile by turning to the latest technology in hopes of seeking new and inventive ways to boost this service for improved productivity. Automated order systems, popular in e-commerce web sites, have attempted to map out this seamless task but failed to an extent. Why? It is because customers still want a real human voice on the other line responding to get all matters resolved quickly and carefully.

Live order taking can do exactly just that. You have a team of experts managing customers while making them feel your business is there to serve. When a customer comes across a short-term promotion or responded to an ad, can a machine answer questions real-time?

Productivity = Profits

The service of taking orders goes far beyond routine. And the benefits of integrating it into your business operations are tremendous. Anyone in the team can best represent your business and promote your products and services more effectively. The best part is that they do not have to be part of your in-house staff but an outsourced call center maintaining an inviting “front door” for you.

The good news is this: Live order taking is here to stay. The service demands real people doing real interaction with customers. It adds personal touch, which in turn can build long-term trust and loyalty.

Order taking in the voice of a live person goes a long way in providing clarity in the mind of the customer. It establishes a lasting relationship that no automated systems can provide.

To find out more how order taking services can maximize sales, visit http://www.magellan-solutions.com.