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  • Inbound Call Center Agents: Key Skills That Help Company Growth

    Inbound call center agents handle calls initiated by customers. These calls may cover everything from product inquiries and clarifications on a given transaction process, to grievances and complaints. It is customers' primary means of communicating with a brand or company. Inbound call center agents are the first liners when it comes to customer service. Their ability to handle calls accordingly can make or brea

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  • B2B Lead Generation Quickie: Getting Prospects Online

    Business to business lead generation is a key task in an increasingly competitive global market. It makes use of several tactics to get sales prospects. For many companies, this is their life line, their primary means of securing transactions and making profit. It also helps them grow their network and build their r

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  • Outsourcing Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Inbound Call Handling

    Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are evolving the past few years. Small to medium sized healthcare companies are outsourcing services to boost their sales, without having to hire more staff. Outsourcing healthcare and pharmaceutical inbound calls provide effective ways of reaching and influencing targeted groups. Companies are utilizing a range of inbound services that help increase sales, customer r

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  • Physician Referral and Appointment Setting: Why You Should Outsource It

    One of the first things patients need to do when getting medical attention is to find a trusted physician and set an appointment. It's important for them to find a medical expert who specializes in their health concerns, as well as someone whose communication style and overall temperament they jive with

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Choose BPO Philippines: The Advantages Of Hiring Philippine-based Professional Order Takers standard

Written by: John BorilloPublished by: Magellan Solutions The BPO industry offers various outsourcing services and order taking is an inbound service offered by the Philippine contact center industry. The service of order takers vary from one industry to another. Order takers are the people who interact with the customers over the phone. Their main duty...

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Should I Order? standard

“May I take your order?” is a question you often hear when eating out. From McDonald’s to the finest five-star restaurants, the fast food attendant or waiter never fails to ask the hungry patrons. Did you know, however, that this line doesn’t just apply to your trendy neighborhood Starbucks? The customer contact center business likewise...

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