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  • We Are Ready: The Philippines Rising In Healthcare BPO inbound call center time management

    Written by: Jon Borillo

    The Philippines is known to be one of the top contenders when it comes to providing business process outsourcing services to companies who do need them. The Philippine call center industry has made waves especially when it comes to taking and making calls because of their neutral accent as compared

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  • Where To Find A Tech Support Call Center For Computer Issues Customer Support Phil

    Written by: Jon Borillo

    In this day and age, it is almost impossible to find an industry or a simple business that does not make use of computers or anything that makes use of such high technology. Computers have seemingly taken over our world in more ways than we can imagine. They have done

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  • Where To Find The Best Philippine Telemarketing Call Centers

    Written by: Jon Borillo

    The Philippines is known globally to be a great source of call centers that you can contact and go to in case you need to outsource some back-office support from your native homeland. This is because the country has a huge talent pool, with half of college graduates with business

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  • Is There a Rainbow After a Bad Customer Experience?

    This is probably one of the biggest nightmares for business owners – getting stuck in a situation where bad customer experience happens.
    Imagine a customer whose concern is about a recently purchased product, which turned out to be a defective unit. Customer immediately calls customer hotline and gets nothing but equally bad service. It

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Choose BPO Philippines: The Advantages Of Hiring Philippine-based Professional Order Takers standard

Written by:
John BorilloPublished by:
Magellan Solutions
The BPO industry offers various outsourcing services and order taking is an inbound service offered by the Philippine contact center industry. The service of order takers vary from one industry to another. Order takers are the people who interact with the customers over the phone. Their main...

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Should I Order? standard

“May I take your order?” is a question you often hear when eating out. From McDonald’s to the finest five-star restaurants, the fast food attendant or waiter never fails to ask the hungry patrons.
Did you know, however, that this line doesn’t just apply to your trendy neighborhood Starbucks? The customer contact center business likewise...

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