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  • Business Processes Startups Should Outsource But Probably Aren’t

    Talk Business has recently touched on a topic that is close to our hearts – the outsourcing of crucial tasks by startups and small businesses. You may already be outsourcing your call center requirements, your lead generation and some of your sales requirements. But are you outsourcing the processes below? Some startups feel that these processes should be in-house never mind the cost. So explore these other

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  • Why You Should Outsource Lead Generation to the Philippines

    Business-to-business (b2b) lead generation is a key task that provides support to sales. Top-notch b2b lead generation is based on in-depth market research, independent opinion, a high level of expertise, proper timing and industry knowledge. It should be able to establish a robust sales pipeline

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  • Outsourcing Lead Generation for Financial Services

    Financial services have changed after the Global Financial Crisis. On the surface the change seems to favor small operations as big institutions have gone down in trust ratings among ordinary investors. The change has definitely something to do with trust. But did you know that many investors and consumer

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  • Do You Need a Telephone Answering Service or a Call Center?

    By definition, an answering service is a call center that serves specialized verticals that demand a certain way of handling calls. Agents working for an answering service may be tasked to do both inbound and outbound calls and use any number of ways to interact with a customer: phone call, email message, onli

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Choose BPO Philippines: The Advantages Of Hiring Philippine-based Professional Order Takers standard

Written by: John BorilloPublished by: Magellan Solutions The BPO industry offers various outsourcing services and order taking is an inbound service offered by the Philippine contact center industry. The service of order takers vary from one industry to another. Order takers are the people who interact with the customers over the phone. Their main duty...

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Should I Order? standard

“May I take your order?” is a question you often hear when eating out. From McDonald’s to the finest five-star restaurants, the fast food attendant or waiter never fails to ask the hungry patrons. Did you know, however, that this line doesn’t just apply to your trendy neighborhood Starbucks? The customer contact center business likewise...

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