Although customer interaction occurs more frequently on the Internet these days, a contact via the telephone and in-person settings remain the most effective in delivering overall good customer experience, according to a new study released by Temkin Group, a customer experience consulting firm. The survey was held in May to more than 400 companies from different sectors. Temkin Group reports that customers get a better experience especially when researching a product, purchasing it and getting assistance from live customer service agents and face to face. Survey respondents said the telephone most often provides the best means of helping a customer buy a product or simply get assistance. Most effective in delivering good customer experience when a customer buys a product In-person experience (in a store) – 70.3% Telephone contact – 65.1% Online – 59.3% Most effective for customers when getting help through Customer Service In-person experience – 85.1% Telephone contact – 77% Online – 68.6% Customer satisfaction when researching a product In-person – 75.3% Telephone contact – 74.9% Online – 70.1% In all, the survey shows that customer experience in the right platform is highly critical in the success of today’s businesses. Data source: Temkin Group