The Advantages of the “Call Center Push”

As a businessman, we wouldn’t be surprised if one of your dreams for your enterprise is to have a slew of advertisements in almost every television station and timeslot, magazine and newspaper space, street corner, and online portal. For indeed, wouldn’t this be a great way to “push” your product or service to the world?

While this may definitely make people notice, there’s one very effective way your firm can push your wares to the waiting world—and it doesn’t need to cost an arm, a leg, and a wealth in advertising budgets. It’s called the customer service call center “push strategy.”

Yes folks, your call center’s outbound channels are the perfect, cost-effective tools to bring your message to the world. Because with an inbound call center, you have a dedicated team of telephone call center reps who will do nothing but perform telemarketing, direct selling, and campaign your wares to the public.

If on television, you only get 15 to 30 seconds of airtime per advert, your call center team has an entire 24 hour day, not to mention 7 days of the week to sell your goods.

As if this isn’t enough, your outbound call center team isn’t limited to simply displaying that poster on a tree for the whole neighborhood to see. In fact, with today’s technology backing them up, the agents can reach places way across the world via email, Twitter, and of course, the toll-free telephone line. So don’t be surprised to receive purchases from folks in Ireland—when you’re located in the United States. Cool, huh?

Probably one of the biggest advantages of letting your call center service team help you push your wares is that they can answer any questions or appease any concerns your potential clients may have—right there and then. Once the client hears a few bits of information about your service, he can simply ask away.

So go ahead and push your goods using that call center. And if you still want to advertise, that’s cool, too. After all, presence is key nowadays, right?

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