by Diane Cuaresma

Working in a call center is not all fun and games as people from other industries perceived it to be.

Here, we work extremely hard. One of the obstacles we deal with is fighting off the urge of falling into sleep during the wee hours of the morning.

I have been with the call center or BPO Industry for almost three years now. I am proud to say that I enjoy working here and I see my hard work paying off. I started as sales agent at a company based in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. It was my first foray in the contact centers after a stint in teaching. Obviously, the two industries are totally different from each other. Work in a call center is a far cry from what I was once accustomed – teaching and shaping minds. Now I still make instructions but on top of it, vigorously promote services to people around the world.

As they always say – “Nothing is inevitable but change” and the only thing we can do is to adapt and to surpass challenges.

My second title within the industry was call center representative. There are 2 types of roles assigned to a call center representative – the first one is sales or doing outbound calls, and the other one is customer service, the inbound call center support.

If I were asked to choose which function I strongly prefer, I go for inbound customer support. I love dealing with callers and answering their questions. I work as an order taker and have been promoted by title in just a short span of time.

Like other professions, call center work entails a high degree of discipline, focus and determination. It takes more than just saying, “Oh, I know that person” or namedropping famous people to fast track promotion. To prove yourself worthy of bigger challenges and responsibilities, you need to stand out from the rest with the right skill sets to boot.

In my next article, I will share some of the techniques I use to succeed at work in the call center.