There are thousands of sources found in bookstores, web sites, trainings and conferences evangelizing that customer is (always) king. Today’s market environment is no different from yesterday’s markets except but it has become fiercer, more cutthroat and more customer-centric. Setting up a customer service is no longer a must-have but a skill which should be sharpened every day.

Tough times have driven more small businesses to find ways how to delight their clientele. Remember that one client has friends and their friends have friends. Your last nightmare is to discover one day your company has been talked about in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Before you unearth these indiscreet secrets, it is best to address this head on by un-cracking the codes that can help build a great customer service.

Code no. 3: Please the customer. No amount of press release would ever work if businesses fall short of customer’s expectations.

If the customer is angry, how do you handle it? Do you use words that convey a message of resolution for the problem? Even if the customer is wrong, sometimes it is good for repeat business to get the loss and compensate.

Code no. 2: Be truthful. If a customer calls in and asks which product is better, do not recommend what makes more money for the company. Sell a product that is best for his or her present needs. You will be surprised to hear the same customer coming back to buy another product because you gave a good recommendation.

Code no. 1: Build trust. Trust is one of the hardest things to build even for small business owners. Get to know your customers and recognize their needs if you have that chance. When you can show your concerns to the things that matter to them, you win them. You can wake up one morning feeling good there are people out there who will stay with you for a longer period of time.

If your in-staff can take the following codes to heart, then it is well and good. Losing clients and not serving them the way they wanted it to be can be costly for the business. Being there at any given time is very important these days.

If you desire to raise customer service to a higher level, consider an expert in handling customers, calls and complaints to back you up in this worthy undertaking.