The latest comScore report confirms that more American customers are purchasing products online. comScore, known as the global leader in measuring the effectiveness of digital platforms, released this new study in public in conjunction with the US Retail Spending Report for 2Q 2011.

The report reveals small and mid-size organizations in the Unites States enjoying a lion’s share of market profits. The top 25 online retailers have taken a smaller percentage of the total sales compared to last year.

The double-digit growth in retail spending is largely due to the increase in buyers, with 70 percent making at least one purchase from an e-commerce web site. Products considered bestsellers of the season were consumer electronics (except peripherals), computer hardware and software, and event tickets.

The use of social media has driven more users to purchase products and services online. Facebook, which currently has 150 million users in the United States, is key to the trend’s massive explosion. The web site allows businesses to create fan pages where they can feature their offerings, and invites members to “like” these offers from their profile page. Other social media tools have also played a big role. These are Google+ (the search engine’s own version of social networking), which can be connected with Google-related products like Places, Checkout, Offers and Adwords; and micro-blogging sites such as Twitter.

Amid the rise of social networking in internet retail business, customer service continues to provide unparalleled support to tens of thousands of online-based consumers. Even after a purchase, customers usually seek the assistance of a live call center agent for any issues and questions on a product. Inbound call centers are also helpful in providing clarifications before web site visitors make final purchases. Customer service call centers after all offers real-time 24/7 after-office support, even to the point of processing a sales order while on the call. Online buyers feel more secure every time a live order taker assures their orders being processed.