Have you ever called up a customer contact center to request for a mobile phone plan upgrade, only to be made to wait?

Finally, after waiting for what seems like an eternity—all 10 minutes of it–a phone representative finally answers your call. Upon taking your request, she makes you wait again, for 10 more wasteful minutes.

One doesn’t need a ton of research material to know that such a practice of putting customers on hold for such long periods is a huge NO in the world of call centers. Not only does it eat into clients’ precious time, it gives a bad impression about the company taking in those requests. In the end, it drives away the customer.

This is where a competent call center comes in.

Hiring a good number of agents to answer calls promptly makes a world of difference. Making clients wait for a minimal period of time (if at all) makes them feel that they are important. This, in turn, won’t make them think twice about making requests or calling up for other services. It’s about keeping customers happy.

Of course, the number of agents your business requires to avoid a long customer waiting queue is up to you. It all depends on your customer demean vis-à-vis what you’re prepared to offer. In short, it’s another story for another day.

If you want to know more about this “story”, why not check back with us soon.