Why Not Dish Out Some “Mom and Pop” Customer Service?

customer-service-call-centerHave you ever wondered how your friendly neighborhood Mom and Pop store manages to stay open all these years despite the onslaught of bigger players? It’s actually amazing how this warm and caring neighborhood store has become such an institution—a way of life, if you will.

Believe it or not, it all boils down to how they treat their customers: they treat them like family. It’s the kind of personalized care that makes folks feel welcome each time they walk through the door. What’s more amazing is that you can take this same hospitality and help your small biz play in this dog-eat-dog world we live in. And, you can add the call center customer service formula into the mix.

If you’re wondering what the inbound call center has to do with your little ol’ Mom and Pop store, consider how it can help bring in more customers. Remember the warm and friendly customer service? Isn’t that what we all look for in a store, grocery, or wherever we go? Your business can give this—via a dedicated team of call center agents, in fact.

These very same customer service contact center agents can lend a helping hand to clients who call, text, email, or post messages on your Facebook wall (now with optional hashtags, mind you). Whether it be a simple product inquiry, reservation or complex complaint, they’ll be there with a quick reply and even faster resolution.

And it isn’t just about resolution, per se; there’s an element of personalization thrown into the mix. It’s the kind of attention that makes the customer feel like they’re the only client the agent and your company is attending to—even if there are around a hundred more in queue. Rest assured that each one will receive the same customer care and attention they truly deserve.

So stop wondering how to become like a Mom and Pop store. You can now become one thanks to good old customer service.

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6 thoughts on “Why Not Dish Out Some “Mom and Pop” Customer Service?

  1. You covered this idea rather well. Your ideas have caused me to rethink some of my personal views on this subject. You have a persuasive way of writing. Thank you.

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