Why Not Go Out Of Your Way And Offer Great Customer Service?

customer-service-call-centersTrue Story: A couple of weeks ago, Gerard, who works as writer for companies and magazines, recounted an incident on how he accidentally “locked himself out” while trying to access his online account via his bank’s internet banking portal. Truth be told, it was more of his fault as he had forgotten his account password, thus exceeding the three (3) attempts given by the system—which, in turn, temporarily locked out his user ID to avoid a would-be hacker from breaking in. What seemed to be a seemingly stressful situation, however, eventually turned out to be quite a pleasant experience—thanks in large part to the bank’s excellent customer service.

Yes, folks, you read it right: excellent customer service – particularly via the establishment’s call center service – turned the situation around. What exactly do I mean by excellent customer service?

For one thing, Gerard’s bank—Banco de Oro, one of the Philippines’ premier banking institutions—boasts of having a fantastic customer care call center. Their agents were warm, friendly, and very accommodating. Gerard said it’s as if they knew that he was stressed out even without saying anything. Well, the mere fact that he told them that he had forgotten his password and locked himself out surely gave him away. Yet the female customer care contact center agent handling the call remained calm, collected, and composed throughout the entire call.

While you may think that such customer service is nothing new to most call centers, what really stood out, according to Gerard, was how the call center rep displayed grace under pressure. You see, the bank’s system somehow bogged down during the call; she couldn’t access his account. It’s no secret that a lot of establishments would simply leave it at that and ask you to call again—which, in a lot of cases, is not an easy thing, thanks to busy signals and agents not picking up.

In the case of Gerard’s bank, however, the female inbound call center agent handling the call offered to do a callback to inform him of the successful password reset. And lo and behold—he said the agent did after around 30 minutes! Needless to say, Gerard was happy that he can now access his account and transact in peace.

If you look closely, you will see that this is the true essence of customer service. “Customer service is about offering solutions that are best for each customer,” says Flavio Martins, a Customer Service expert and blogger at Customer Think. Gerard admitted that the service the bank’s call center agent gave him another reason to stick with the bank.

Want to give your clients the same reason to stand by your company? Why not do the same? Go out of your way to offer excellent customer care. We can assure you, like Gerard, it will be worth it.

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7 thoughts on “Why Not Go Out Of Your Way And Offer Great Customer Service?

  1. It’s quite surprising how companies don’t try to excel in customer service! It is as if they want to see people suffer! Nobody wants to have a call and a bad experience and I am sure it is likewise for the agents on the other side!

  2. A good customer service is really important in any type of business you have. A business should be finding ways to understand how to give excellent customer care before investing time and money. And knowing these ways can be very much helpful.


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