By Arthur Kevin Rabago

In my career as a Talent Acquisition Consultant, I have had my share of processing numerous job applications for call center/BPO aspirants.

I have to admit, during the screening phase – it is frustrating to weed out the most qualified candidates from the wannabes.

Starting out with over a hundred résumés at the start of the day, I only end up with less that 10 “qualified” people – and that is just for paper screening (trust me, communication skills training can be a nosebleed-inducing experience).

In this regard, I would like to share some of the major turn-offs every time I review résumés. Disclaimer: I am not saying that all call center job hunters commit this, but quite a number do.

1) Embellishment of their “skills” and “achievements”

2) Major spelling and grammatical errors

3) Putting a skills matrix that do not actually reflect their skills

4) Selling themselves as “experts” or “knowledgeable” in a skill where they only have theoretical background in.

One of the most annoying things for me is to see how some candidates are sending out their résumé en-masse to every job vacancy available in career portals without any regard to the required skills and qualifications posted in the ad. Sometimes, I receive a generic résumé addressed to over 50 recruiters in the “to” field of the e-mail – with a generic “Please consider me for any position that fits my skills and qualifications” statement.

Other issues: Some candidates just copy and paste each other’s or another person’s résumé, and add their name to it, or they claim to have the skills and experience but cannot explain or prove them during the interview phase.

I think these issues are not exclusively prevalent in the call center industry alone but in other industries too. To be honest, most call center/BPO aspirants are employable. It is just that some of them can be quite selective on what their first job will be. Most of them aspire to be deployed in well-known companies or be assigned to key roles, so they pass up some offers from lesser-known call centers in hopes that someday, they will get a call from a big-name company offering a plum position.

At the end of the day, diligence on every person will pay big time. Companies like inbound call centers will soon find you. Do take the time and effort to enhance your résumé, and your efforts will be rewarded.