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Background Checking

Background screening may now be outsourced safely, efficiently and seamlessly. A necessary step for human resources and an essential part in operating a business that requires employees, background checking is a cost for companies that want to prevent legal issues with their employees. In some states in the U.S., background checking is a pre-employment requirement. Bad hires also cost companies money. In the Eurozone a bad hire can cost as much as € 50,000 per bad hire.

Countries we serve for background checks and verifications:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Background Check Services

  • Helps save time and resources – Outsourcing is quite easy on the pocket. You also would not be using your staff and any more company resources to do all the hard work that comes with background checking.
  • Objective – The third party has no idea how the whole hiring process is as they have no direct contact with the subject or the candidate. Therefore, you can expect all reports and all checks to be done objectively.
  • Accurate – Professionals handle all background screening services so you can be sure that the work done would be accurate. All sources that they have access to would be scoured to ensure a good report.
  • Reliable – You can expect reports to be sent to you in a timely manner. You can also outsource any background screening tasks that need to be done any time that you need them. These companies that offer background screening services are more than happy to help you out any time and they will deliver quality each and every time.
  • Secure – All of the materials that you send their way and all information that they collect would be kept secure and confidential. You can be sure that they understand how important it is for such information to be kept secure and safe.

Types Of Background Check Services

  • Criminal history – Are you employing someone who may have past criminal records? A background check should be able to shed light on this.
  • Educational history – Studies have shown that most resumes nowadays are padded. Checking the educational history should know if the candidate is employment-worthy.
  • Past work verification – Knowing where this candidate has worked previously and how they fared there would be another good thing to be able to gauge if the candidate is worth hiring.
  • Credit checks – Most companies may say that a person’s credit history is not important but it does help see how a person handles money. This is very important especially in cases where the job opening is for someone who handles cash and assets.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Employment Background Checking Services

  • Fine selection of a more productive, honest, and proficient workforce with the help of Magellan Solution’s efficient back-office staff combined with our excellent processing and technology to guarantee accuracy and first-rate, comprehensive information for every applicant
  • Eradicate Bias Interviews – Our only purpose is to help you be familiar with who you are considering for employment hiring since we have never come to get to know your applicants personally
  • Security from careless hiring proceedings
  • Faster recruiting period
  • Fewer bad hires
  • We are accessible to respond every call, and we update you immediately as results are ready
  • Large decline in costs linked with employee theft
  • Keeping a safe workplace – Minimizes work interruption, and improves confidence when workers know that the next person employed is safe to work with and has a fine track record
  • Decline in employee turnover and related costs
  • Magellan Solutions’ focuses on helping global clients address this problem, making sure that its expertise help them focus on the attracting the best talents and the value they bring to the organization.
  • Magellan Solutions’ focuses on helping global clients address this problem, making sure that its expertise help them focus on the attracting the best talents and the value they bring to the organization.

Our Competencies
Magellan Solutions can improve your Human Resources efficiency and help your company scale up its employment process. These services are offered in offshore price points that have great value either in volume or as an available service when you outsource other services to us. Our value:

  1. Resume or CV manual verification
  2. Educational background verification
  3. Verifying former employees and employment status
  4. Character reference verification
  5. State or country legislation may prevent the company from offering other verification or background checking services. please inquire if we can serve your specific needs.

Magellan Solutions can be a partner for any company planning to outsource this crucial part of running an organization. Magellan Solutions’ focuses on helping global clients address this problem, making sure that its expertise help them focus on the attracting the best talents and the value they bring to the organization.

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