An Outlook of the Call Center Industry
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An Outlook of the Call Center Industry

Call Center Outlook

•  The near- and medium-term outlooks for the development in the Philippines of the offshore BPO solutions industry in general, and for the offshore contact center industry in particular, are strong.

•  The offshore contact center industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the Philippines today. Based on sectoral projections, the call center industry is expected to create 124,000 jobs in 2014-2016 or a total of 372,000 jobs over the next 3 years.

•  For the provision of offshore solutions for non-core, English-language business processes that depend substantially on the human element, the Philippines offers significant quality and value.

Table below is an outlook of the call center industry, summarizing new foreign and domestic contact center outsourcing investments in the Philippines.

New foreign and domestic contact center outsourcing investments in the Philippines






(US$ millions)

Convergys Corp.

Enterprise Center





E-Performax Contact Center Corp.



210 8



Epixtar Corp.


Eastwood Corporate Center

Quezon City


3 , 000


RMH Teleservices Asia Pacific, Inc.


Eastwood City Cyberpark

Quezon City




Vision-X (Phils.) Inc.


RCBC Plaza


2,000 9

700 10


6.80 11







Sources: Philippine BoI; Philippine Department of Trade and Industry.


8Plans call for expansion to 1,000 workstations within 11 months.

9 Projected figure for 2004.

10 Actual figure for 2003.

11 Projected figure for 2004.

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