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Call Center Training

Magellan Solutions is committed to the development of its call center professionals, providing them with the right skills necessary to succeed. We combine the best industry practices with new approaches to achieve great results, with self-assurance and confidence-building as instructional objectives.

Training is – and has always been – at the core of our service. New hires are oriented on the call center’s work environment, and its corporate practices, policies, and procedures. It conducts a two-week, in-house, core foundation call center training program conducted by in-house trainers. The core foundation’s training program includes:

• Introduction to North American political and physical geography, modern history and popular culture;
• International skills and etiquette for telephone, e-mail and Web-based communications;
• Sales skills;
• Advanced customer service skills; and
• Information technology systems training, focusing on CRM system

Upon completion of the core foundations training program, the contact center agents will undergo a client specific training that will educate contact center agents on how to handle specific accounts as required by the client. The specific content and duration of the client-specific training program would vary depending on the requirements of each client.

Training and development policy

Magellan believes in investing in the growth of its employees. We believe that one should never stop learning. All team members hone their tactical skills that they can utilize at work by attending regular training programs and external sessions. Hands-on tools, new methods, action plans, and benchmarks enable participants to quickly apply to their team. New and advanced programs focus on comprehensive skills and knowledge to jumpstart the team’s improvement initiatives.

Our call center and BPO training program ensures

• Increased service performance
• Improved service experience for all customers

Magellan assures that every client has the best and most equipped team to manage calls. Call us today for more information about our services.

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