Outsourcing in the Philippines
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Philippine Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing to the Philippines

Did you Know?
Since 2014, the Philippines has surpassed India in voice-enabled services outsourcing? English spoken in the Philippines is very close to the English spoken in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Philippine agents speak a naturally un-accented English that is easily understood by any English speaker in the globe. There is another aspect to a Philippine call center that global companies are very interested about – customer service.

Common Services Outsourced to the Philippines

  • Call Centers
  • Data Services
  • Other Popular Services


  • Call Center
  • Technical Support
  • Telephone Answering Service
  • Order taking & Order Processing
  • Reservations & Bookings
  • Web form management
  • Live Chat


  • Telemarketing
  • Lead generation
  • Surveys
  • Data Entry
  • Data Mining
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Management
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Ecommerce Services
  • Marketing and Online marketing
  • 3D Animation
  • Website Development
  • Software development
  • Helpdesk and Remote IT Services

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What We Offer
  • Pricing and setup are custom
  • Lower cost of service
  • Scalable operations
  • Multi-channel
  • Multi-service
  • Information security
Why the Philippines?
  • Unaccented English
  • Agent salaries are 1/4 to 1/5 of U.S. call center agents
  • Low rental cost
  • Culturally open professionals
  • Comprehensive pool of professionals (customer services, back office, translation, writing, editing, marketing, design, programming, IT)
Save on Services
  • Inbound/Outbound
  • Telephone Answering
  • Order taking, Reservations
  • Data Entry & Processing
  • Marketing, Telemarketing, Lead Generation
  • Accounting, Medical Services, Legal Services
  • Design, Web and Software Development
  • Tech and IT services
Meaningful Value Added
  • High quality employees at lower salaries
  • Scalable teams
  • Scalable service offerings
  • Business continuity
  • IT support

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