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Customer Service Outsourcing

phone answering service agent manila

Customer service is Magellan Solutions Outsourcing’s core expertise. It has been providing customer call center services for large corporations, midsize companies and small businesses.

We provided customer support for a Fortune 50 corporation and continue attracting businesses considering the Philippines for back-office operations. The list of clients grows larger with each year with more outsourcing these services

  • Technical support and help desk services
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Order management and processing
  • 24/7 Reservations support
  • Call overflow
  • 24/7 Reservations hotline service
  • Issue resolution
  • Inquiry handling
  • Multi-lingual call center support

These services are a simple reflection of how business customers appreciate the work that is done by highly skilled phone agents. Contracts are continuously renewed and businesses who have invested in the company have experienced better revenues and greater sales. These businesses have benefited a lot and would like to benefit even more.

It is not a secret: Customers are the lifeblood of any business. These are people who bring in the revenue that keeps the business alive. Without them, the business would only go bankrupt because it is not making any sales. That is why owners make sure that they do take good care of their customers. This is why there is a department for each business that is solely devoted to these very precious individuals – customer service. Keeping your customers happy and making them feel important is what is going to make them stay with you and be repeat customers. Your business will be happy too.

We take care of your Customer Service

Magellan Solutions understands your need for this. This is why we have developed pricing packages based on call volume and requirements. Each customer service representative is trained well and has experience dealing with various customers so you can be sure that they will do the job well and they will do the job efficiently. The company knows and understands that it is important to instill the right customer service skills in each agent through their rigid and comprehensive customer service training. Each business needs good customer service, however you can get excellent customer service from Magellan Solutions.

Training agents on customer service is not an easy task. We make sure that every hired agent is equipped to handle different callers through rigorous training, and knows the importance of the job that is given to them. Phone representatives are trained to provide customer service right from the very start of any contact with a customer. They are taught how to handle customers, how to build a good relationship with the customer, and how to provide a good solution to whatever issue the customer has in just one go. Without understanding of the role, an agent can pretty much not care about what they are doing. However, with the right mind set, they will do better and they will serve better.

By trusting Magellan Solutions to be your call center partner, you can be assured that all customers that come in contact with your business would be properly attended to and would be given the right attention. Investing in customer service in the Philippines ensures that these customers will be staying with you for a really long time and you will have loyal customers to keep your business going.

Contact us today to request for quote and other information. We would be more than happy to provide you with the right package for your business’ needs.

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