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B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing

We align your business in our business. We speak the same language. We offer businesses the chance to take their operations to new heights and strengthen their approach. We can lead you in the right direction.

Companies who partner themselves with us are provided access to a new world of potential customers. We at Magellan Solutions can help out in providing thought leadership and partnered approach in our services. More importantly, we transform prospects into good opportunities. Based on your objectives, we will best utilize data, insight and telemarketing solutions to deliver the requirements.

Our office is structured with the concept of professionalism in mind. Our agents are experienced B2B lead generation. Part of our success is our custom approach in setting up an outsourced lead generation office ensuring that the client’s core values are intact.

Since 2005, Magellan Solutions has partnered with small-to-medium-sized companies using what we have learned, what we have created and what our customers prefer. Some of the industries we serve:

• Ecommerce
• Clinics
• Law firms
• Retails

Common applications include:

• Email Support
• Directory Assistance
• Market Research
• Demand Generation
• Performance Analytics
• Customer Acquisition Strategy
• Services we offer to B2C companies also apply under B2B

To outsource B2B Lead Generation to the Philippines, you can start by sending us a message below:





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