Security and Business Continuity
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Magellan takes client security and confidentiality very seriously. We have made measures to prevent security breaches of any kind by means of the following security and business continuity policies:

  • Data Security Network and IT infrastructure is located in a secured user accessed location for IT personnel only. All Data entry points (workstations, servers, etc.) are password protected for different levels of user access, and physical data entry points are all disabled. External breaches are prevented through several layers of firewall protection and antivirus software. Lastly, monitoring and audit process are implemented randomly by selected personel.
  • Physical Security Our facility has full 24/7 detailed security which prevents any physical premise breach. Also, all exit doors are monitored with CCTV screens.
  • Confidentiality Policies Client security and confidentiality represent one of the most valued premium services we offer. All employees sign confidentiality agreements prior to actual job assignments that are subject to the local laws of the Philippines and can be prosecuted if breaches have occurred.

Business Continuity

Given the 24/7 nature of the offshore BPO solutions industry, Magellan’s management consider relevant uncontrollable risks, weight the relative seriousness of such risks and formulate appropriate contingency plans that could be implemented, as necessary and appropriate, to minimize the operational impact of such risks.

  • Co-Location plan Magellan has partnered with another locally established call center operations outside a 10mile radius that will serve as a backup center for agents, supervisors, and IT staff to be transferred in order to minimize downtime effects due to force majeure.
  • Data Backup process All internal data will be backed up continuously within several storage devices. On a bi-weekly basis, data will be stored in a different location for cases of unforeseen situations.
  • Power blackout process All critical electronic equipments have backup UPS that is continuously maintained for an 8~10min uptime period. With the inclusion of the 40KVA backup generator, our customer call center operation can be fully functional for 4~6 days without outside power.

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