6 Questions to Ask When It Comes to Pay Per Lead Telemarketing

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A blog banner for 6 Questions to Ask When It Comes to Pay Per Lead TelemarketingBefore getting a Pay Per Lead Telemarketing, make sure you have these questions answered. 

Hiring a BPO company to help you with your needs is a no-joke business strategy because it involves money.

For SMEs, all profits are earned. One mistake can cost them everything. That is why they must be the smartest among all types of business structure.

Pay per lead telemarketing is a great approach for organizations to get sales leads without investing a lot of time or resources in their business process. Working with a high-quality pay-per-lead telemarketing firm is a great method to boost your revenue.

However, SMEs still need to probe further to make sure that it is the perfect service for their companies.

So in this article we compiled questions that you need to ask your BPO partner before hiring them.


6 Questions about Pay Per Lead Telemarketing

  1. What is their definition of leads?

Lead refers to “contact with a potential customer.” But the real definition of it depends on the organisation.

Some companies view lead as a contact that the sales team has already determined to be customers. While other enterprises define lead as any sales contact with people, regardless if they are interested or not.

What remains consistent, though, is sales teams have a responsibility to convert a maximum amount of leads to maintain a good conversion rate.

Before choosing your Telemarketing BPO partner, make sure you are both on the same page about the definition of “leads” to avoid confusion.

  1. What are their channels to reach customers?

There are many ways to reach customers that is why it is very important that your BPO partner is exhausting all available options.

In fact, according to Rider University, companies achieve a 287% higher purchase rate with a marketing campaign across three or more channels than with a campaign limited to a single channel.

Meaning, the more that your BPO partner utilized every medium possible, the more success you can attract.

  1. What are the skills of your agents?

It is not enough that you just have people that can take and make calls. They need to have skills, as well.

Rasmussen University listed down 7 skills that every employees should have regardless of job title:

  1. Communication
  2. Time management
  3. Critical thinking and problem solving
  4. Teamwork
  5. Emotional intelligence
  6. Digital literacy
  7. Initiative

As you might guess, employees with this kind of inner drive can add huge value to a company.  A strong work ethic is a must, nowadays. It is a factor that helps businesses achieve success.

  1. What are their processes to ensure quality?

It is important that your BPO partner knows how to audit their service. How else could they find out which part of their service works or doesn’t work?

Moreover, asks these questions to them:

  • Will they hold call calibrations with you? 
  • Are you able to listen to call recordings?
  • What is their quality commitment?
  • What is their MQL (Marketing Quality Leads) replacement policy?
  • Do they have a Quality Assurance team?

These questions will help you get an idea on how they observe and uphold quality. 

  1. What metrics do they follow?

To achieve success, a company must ensure that they meet all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they placed.

But beyond this metric there are other ways businesses measure their performance such as:

  • Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • Lead-to-Opportunity Ratio
  • Lead Conversion Ratio
  • CPA (Cost-per-Acquisition)
  • Sales by Region
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Make sure to ask your BPO partners what their ways of measuring performance are. It will be your benchmark to measure if they are providing the best service they can.

  1. What Other Services They Offer?

Capability is a good indicator for good service. And one way to identify it is to look at the services they provide.

Services such as pay for performance appointment setting and 24/7 phone answering are signs that the BPO company is competent at taking huge volumes of calls. 

Furthermore, the following services are the most popular services that other BPO companies offer:

Look for these services since these are good indicators of the business capabilities.


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