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7 things about call center outsourcing you shouldn’t want your competitor to know

7 things about call center outsourcing you shouldn’t want your competitor to know

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Your call center is only as good as the performance level of your agents. How can you keep them motivated? There are other answers besides a high salary, work-life balance, and personal growth.

Agents tend to be happier when they get relevant feedback from their superiors. They prefer reasonable work objectives and they appreciate a comfortable physical environment. They also want to feel that they have the power to influence their work situation and environment. Most importantly, they want fair treatment.

The services and prices of outsourced call centers can be very similar to each other as the outsourcing industry becomes more popular and competitive. But there are still things that can make your outsourced call center excellently different among the others and you as a client can influence that. We’ll give you ideas on what are those, but let’s just keep this as a secret — so here are seven things about call center outsourcing you shouldn’t want your competitor to know. A great call center implements two or more of these things and it’s up to you, the client, to request or find these things from your trusted call center partner.


  1. Getting the agents to produce new training programs

Contact centers typically rely on managers, consultants, and trainers to develop and deliver training programs. However, they can also get exceptional agents to do the same. This lets them hit two birds with one stone. First, they can glean insight from top performers within the company. It’s also a great way of giving recognition to leading agents.

  1.   Giving out motivation surveys regularly

This lets you ask your agents about any improvements they’d like to see within the company. They’ll be able to give you feedback as to what courses they’d like to take, their two cents on new policies, as well as what they think of the company’s benefits program.

  1.  Conducting continuous training sessions

Develop and conduct training sessions on a weekly or monthly basis. This brings in fresh ideas on executing call center tasks. It also helps coach agents. Employees would be glad for the opportunity to be able to take a break from calls and ask relevant questions or talk about feedback. With these, new and updated techniques and skills would be coming their way.

  1.  Cross-training agents

Call centers usually experience call peaks and valleys. When there isn’t much work to do, agents tend to get bored. Train them to do non-call center work like back-office tasks. This keeps them occupied when call volume is low.

  1.  Encouraging agents to share ideas

Soliciting agents for ideas can help you come up with surprisingly innovative solutions. This also makes agents feel valued by showing that you’re interested in what they have to say.

  1.  Making eLearning courses available

Employees would like to keep honing their skills, and there’s no better way to help them than making a library of eLearning courses available. This gives agents the resources with which they can expand their skill set and achieve work-related goals.

  1.  Creating a conducive work environment

Agents spend a lot of time in the office so it’s important that they feel comfortable. If you have the means to introduce upscale amenities that bring fun and relaxation to the office, try it. Otherwise, you can make modest physical changes by simply painting the walls a vibrant but tasteful color and making sure that the indoor lighting is just right. Fun and relaxation in the office are also achieved through creative activities and parties that encourage team-building and work motivation.

As a business owner who utilizes outsourcing, it is essential to maximize what it can offer. These seven things can help you get the best out of your trusted call center outsourcing partner.


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