Fb Pixel A Shot in the Customer Care Agent’s Arm

A Shot in the Customer Care Agent’s Arm

A Shot in the Customer Care Agent’s Arm

Do you feel like life’s becoming a drag? Are there times when you feel like everyday is Groundhog Day—that it’s the same deal, day in and day out? If the answer is yes, don’t fret as we all tend to feel that way sometimes.

As a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owner, you might want to check on your staff, such as those folks manning your customer service call center or technical support call center, to make sure that they’re still alive—and not weary zombies posing as customer care agents. While you’re at it, here are some tips to help boost their spirits.

One way to lift call center spirits is to break the monotony. While every employee and staff member has a defined job description, it wouldn’t hurt to “rotate” their roles once in a while. Open up a “management trainee” program that will expose them to the various aspects of the business. Moreover, give them a legitimate shot at promotions, which they can aspire for.

Speaking of management, why don’t you and your co-owners (if any) mingle with your staff on a regular basis? Spend meal time together, talk as buddies, and even have company outings. This will make them feel less alienated and make them feel that they’re partners in working for the good of the company.

With policies and practices like these, we’re sure that there will be less zombies in your inbound call center staff, as well as your entire organization. It’s a much-needed energy boost.