Fb Pixel Acting on Customer Feedback is the Best Kind of Service

Acting on Customer Feedback is the Best Kind of Service

Acting on Customer Feedback is the Best Kind of Service

acting-on-customer-feedbackSo you have gotten to know your customers better. Add to that, you have taken steps to look at how they feel about your various products and services, and how these are being used (or abused). Congratulations! You’re on your way to dishing out a better customer service experience.

While it’s great to get intimate with your clients and their purchases, real customer service does not end there. In fact, getting your contact center team to ask the right questions, for instance, is just the beginning. To complete the experience, you need to do something about all the information gathered.

Take the case of Mr. Richardson and his car charger. Asking him how he uses his new toy-cum-tool is a fantastic way to know that there are some sensible people that have actually seen the beauty of your product—promoting safe, hands-free driving while using the now seemingly indispensable mobile phone. However, what about those folks who complain about hard-to-sync Bluetooth pairing?

This can be your cue to coordinate with your product designers/suppliers and see how such problems or nuances can be addressed. Whether these people are in the minority of folks who have a difficult time using such a feature, the reality is, such instances occur. The least you can do is work on it.

Apart from fixing the issues based on customer feedback, why not get creative and explore new ideas on how to further improve your products and services. Get more feedback and suggestions, look around you and look for those ideas even in the most unusual places. Perhaps you can even go back to basics—the point is to just move forward.

Speaking of moving forward, whatever your brainstorming and customer care focus group discussions and surveys tell you, always find a way to implement those ideas. Whether it’s rolled out in the new and improved Charger Lite 2.5 or an all-new Charger Pro 3, just make sure that significant changes are put in place—such as the easier sync-ing plea sent by dear Mr. Richardson.

In the end, showing your clients that their feedback did not fall on deaf ears is still the best way to giving them true customer service.

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