Acts of Contrition: How to Make It Up to Complaining Clients

Acts of Contrition: How to Make It Up to Complaining Clients

It is common practice for most folks to try their best to make it up to someone they’ve wronged. A quarrel with the wife or the special someone, for instance, often sees men stumbling all over themselves trying to make it up with flowers, a diamond necklace, or the like.

While it isn’t as romantic, your company’s inbound call center can actually make amends to customers who have a few complaints about your products or services.

A simple call to apologize for a package that was delivered to the wrong address, for instance is one way. Then there’s a gift token to show your sincere contrition over a botched service job on their newly purchased device.

More importantly, your customer care call center reps must closely coordinate with other departments to ensure that action is being taken on the issue or concern that the customer has regarding a product, service, or your company’s performance. Because at the end of the day, the best way to make it up to your complaining clients is to act on their plight.

Just like making it up to the wife, actions, they say, speak louder than words.


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