Answer That Ring and Hear the “Ka-ching!”

Are there times when you’d rather leave the phone off the hook or let the machine answer it instead? Whether you admit it or not, we’re almost certain you’ve succumbed to this temptation at least once in your life. Having an answering service take in those calls is a godsend, especially during a lazy, sleepy day or a great flick.

Unfortunately, you and your inbound call center staff can’t do this at work. Unless you want your Healthline healthcare services business to fold up sooner than later, it’s best to answer that phone.

For one thing, the mere fact that you gave out your customer service call center number means that you welcome those calls. While it’s okay to greet callers with an automated voice prompt and menu system, there should be a phone rep on standby at the other end of the line. And that service agent should answer in a pleasant, warm, and sincere tone of voice.

Moreover, answering the customer service phone line (or any phone for that matter) shouldn’t be “for the sake of doing so”. If you’re going to deal with customers, do so with service in mind. If they have a complaint on a device – for example a wireless bluetooth, a technical support call center agent should deal with it in a timely and proper manner. See them through their issues. And be patient enough to answer their queries—even the most insane ones.

Feeling lazy to answer that phone? Beware. Clients might just simply go for the competition—all because they find them much easier to deal with.


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