Fb Pixel Apologies Win Over Clients

Apologies Win Over Clients

As children, we were taught to always say “sorry: when we have done something wrong towards other people. In fact, we may have even taught this to our own kids on several occasions. For indeed, humbly and sincerely apologizing for one’s mistake is what can save most relationships.

Did you know that an apology can likewise win clients? Yes, acknowledging a mistake can actually be considered as an excellent customer service move.

When a customer calls up your inbound contact center to complain about a misspelled name on their credit card, for instance, one of the first things your call center service telephone reps should do is to acknowledge the mistake and apologize for it on behalf of the company. This shows that your entity values its clients and only has their best interests at heart.

While most customers may find this odd, (and may not even accept the apology), tell your customer service call center support team to stick to their guns—rather, the apology they’ve given. Once the client has cooled down from the heat of the incident, they might just realize that customer care and satisfaction (from your call center) are indeed at the top of your firm’s priorities.

Practice what you preach—apologize for your shortcomings. It’s a good customer service move.