Fb Pixel Appease Your Angry Clients With Stellar Customer Service

Appease Your Irate Clients With Stellar Customer Service

Appease Your Irate Clients With Stellar Customer Service


Christmas is ideally the time of the year when laughter and good cheer are in great supply. It could be the lights, it could be the big, jolly old man in the red suit, or even the delicious holiday treats. Whatever it is, it is the best time to serve a customer.

Or is it? Remember that it is during this time that high customer traffic is also in abundance. Many businesses find themselves swarmed with clients both in-store and calling up their call center hotlines. And one thing is on these customers’ minds: to be served in the best way possible.

So it is inevitable that despite the holiday cheer, a few hot heads may find their way into the stores and contact centers. Whether they are buying gifts for the daughter at a discount store in the outskirts of town or at the newest online retail shop, the sad reality is that anything can go wrong. This can be anything from a mixed-up address for delivery to a credit card that was mistakenly swiped twice. Fortunately, you and your business—no matter how small you are—can deal with any angry beast, err, customer.

You can start by keeping your composure in the face of an angry client. Retaining your sanity and composure amidst their “wrath” is key as it allows you to listen intently to their complaint, so the necessary solutions can be taken later on. An apology is always a good thing. While it may not necessarily produce immediate results (like the client calming down), it is a sign that you’re humble enough to accept any responsibility and are willing to rectify the situation or problem.

It would likewise be an excellent idea to think of your business amidst all this. Think of your team and even your family: how would your getting angry or being arrogant affect them? It may only cost you a client, and ultimately, your source of income. So keep your cool and quickly but surely think of ways to solve the problem.

And of course, be positive. There is always a solution to everything—even the most difficult problem. And, it would likewise be a good idea to keep the concerned client in the loop as to how the solution is coming along. If they ask for a product exchange, and the desired TV model isn’t in stock, for instance, let them know as soon as your supplier says it is ready for delivery. Or, if it will take while longer. And don’t forget to communicate every possible option, so they can choose which one is the best for them.

So yes, there are simple ways of dealing with angry customers, even during this season of fun and stress rolled into one.  Happy New Year, folks!