Fb Pixel Are You Answering the Call of the Holiday Rush?

Are You Answering the Call of the Holiday Rush?

Are You Answering the Call of the Holiday Rush?

Merry Christmas CustomersWill you be too busy for your customers this holiday season? This is the question you should be asking your team at your next staff meeting. This is because amidst the mad rush of shoppers and holiday patrons, customer service will play a major role in making or breaking your company the season—and beyond.

“Oftentimes, customer support can make a huge difference to stressed-out holiday shoppers”, says Kevin Gao, a guest blogger at ResourceNation. Imagine Lisa, a lady who is juggling between home, kids, and her job, calling to inquire about the price of that holiday package for Christmas dinner she saw in a newspaper ad. After several attempts, however, she gives up because no one is picking up the phone.

Apart from moving to another vendor, she actually decides to try something else altogether. Ouch! But hey, you can avoid this by ensuring that there will be someone on hand to communicate with clients, no matter how they try to reach you.

Always have a team of customer care reps on hand to attend to the phone, email, live chat, and even social media feeds. Make sure that they answer immediately, if not at least, do a callback as quickly as possible. Needless to say, courtesy and friendliness are the keys to a happy customer.

Because there’s no point in having all these fancy communication channels if they aren’t put to good use. Just like Lisa, your clients can just as easily walk away, loyalty notwithstanding. And you know the link between disgruntled clients and word of mouth. Hey we have Facebook now so you’re really in trouble if this happens.

So don’t let this happen to you. Better yet, do your best to keep your customer service team on their toes and answer each and every customer with a smile and then some. Do it not only in the spirit of the holidays, but because you really want to be there to serve your valued clients.

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