Fb Pixel Are You One Of Them?: The Search For Level 1-2 Tech Support Agents

Are You One Of Them? The Search For Level 1-2 Tech Support Agents

Are You One Of Them? The Search For Level 1-2 Tech Support Agents

find-tech-support-agents-in-the-philippinesMany businesses have been adapting the concept of outsourcing technical support services. It is because these services can help their businesses in many ways regardless of the type and size. Maintaining the technical aspects of a business requires hiring staff to manage operations full-time. However, hiring an in-house staff would cost you a big amount of money for the overhead.To reduce overhead expenses, the best option is to hire a firm in the Philippine contact center industry that can provide the technical support needed by the business. This option is cheaper and requires you to pay the services that have been used. Likewise, you can have peace of mind that all the technical support tasks and issues will be manned by a professional. Aside from reducing the overhead costs, in-house staff can also focus on the core functions of the business.Nowadays, businesses are reliant on technology and that is why it is important to invest in technical support services in order to resolve technical issues. Obviously, outsourcing technical support would cost you a considerable amount of money but you can find one that suits your budget. You can choose a firm in the Philippine BPO industry that provides such services in an affordable cost. If the business cannot afford to outsource offshore, then you can look for a local company that does outsourcing services.

What is behind the technical support service?

Technical support services play a significant role in resolving technical issues that many businesses face. In this sense, it is important to choose a service provider whose team is knowledgeable and skillful about the job. There are different factors to consider in finding the right firm providing technical support.


If you will look for outsourced technical support, make sure to check their approach and what they have to offer to their clients. Technical support services should have a toll free number that can be used by customers when they need to report technical issues. This way, it will be easier to reach the technicians and obtain step-by-step instructions. The provider gets paid once the problem is resolved.
It is also important to check if the technical support outsource provider has a dedicated email. This is important so that clients can obtain detailed instructions and other information needed. On the other hand, the best technical support provider should be accessible online. In this way, the client can immediately report any issue and, at the same time, the provider can do the necessary action or solution the soonest time possible.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that there are technical support providers that are running scams. They just take the money from clients without giving the service needed. That is why to avoid scams, make sure to look for a reliable and reputable company that has been able to establish a name in the industry.

Different levels of technical support

This technology can save individuals, massive corporations and even small businesses. It is done by automating routine tasks by using software and hardware. However, there are instances when technology may be broken and that may cause technical problems in business operations. The Philippine contact center industry offers technical support services that help in resolving technical problems even remotely. This type of support has changed customer behavior and expectations due to the advances in technology.

Outsourcing technical support services gives advantages to businesses as they can enjoy the benefits of the tier system. The system does not only provide customer satisfaction by addressing needs but also in cutting costs. Here’s how the tier system works:

First tier – Level one of technical support works by gathering necessary information from customers. This level determines if the call needs to be passed to the next tier. The first tier is responsible for sorting out the confused and inexperienced customers.

Second tier – The second level of technical support is responsible for solving more complicated questions from customers. However, their duty is lesser as compared to the first tier as they have technical background regarding customers’ problems.

Third tier – Technicians in the third level are responsible for figuring out solutions for technical issues. They are also responsible for determining the possible causes and symptoms of the issues presented to them.

Fourth tier – Severe technical problems are directed to the fourth level. However, if the problem of the equipment reaches this level, better look for contingency plan as it is ideal to buy a new one.

Tech support jobs are very challenging and that is why before deciding to apply, make sure that you know first the duties. However, duties vary depending on the software or hardware used as well as the company you are going to be a part of. Likewise, it is also the responsibility of the technical support technician to maintain the computer systems and the network. The technician provides assistance through technical means and guidance to their customers. He is the one troubleshooting different types of technical issues. He also gives the needed solutions. It is through this that uninterrupted work flow will be assured and output will be maximized.

Hiring technical support services from the Philippine contact center industry can ensure that the technician working for you is skilled and knows the job he is handling. Aside from providing technical support for hardware and software, he can also provide expertise at the help desk and other support services. This means that the technical support help desk personnel will be the one to handle telephone calls from customers having technical problems with their equipment. They should rule out the cause and explain to customers how the problem should be solved by using a step-by-step process. Indeed, technical support services are a great help for businesses to maintain the smooth flow of business operations.

Additionally, if your company needs constant monitoring of the network operations, the best thing to do is to hire the service of a technical support representative. The good thing about outsourcing such service is that you will only pay for the service given. As long as businesses are using technology, technical support services will be in demand because no equipment can endure operation without crashing. Plus, these equipment are made by man and are meant to be maintained by man.

Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing technical support services

Outsourcing technical support services presents advantages and disadvantages to a company. That is why before seeking such a service, it is important to know how your business will benefit from it. Decide if your business really needs to outsource technical support.

Advantages of technical support outsourcing

Access to high-end technology – The present technology we have may become obsolete in the coming days. That is why it makes sense that a lot of companies are replacing their current technology or are upgrading the software and hardware in order to be updated with the technology. This is exactly the job of online tech support specialists.

Quality and cost-savings – The competition in the business industry is getting fierce and that affects the stability of the company. This is the reason why many companies are outsourcing non-core functions to BPO companies in order to reduce the cost of expenses while assuring quality service.

Flexibility – Another advantage of outsourcing technical support services is its flexibility. Contact centers can provide representatives who can support and respond the changing demands in the business environment. BPO companies provide a wide ranges of resources. They are also able to provide clients with agents who are skilled and capable of doing technical jobs.

Job security – Outsourcing staff ensures job security particularly for regular employees. In this way, the company can establish a stronger relationship with the regular workforce.

Disadvantages of technical support outsourcing

Risky – Outsourcing technical support services for long-term is risky. It is because technology evolves rapidly in just a couple of years.

High cost – The cost of outsourcing to the BPO industry in the Philippines can be expensive and that makes
some companies have second thoughts about hiring them. However, it is cost-effective in the long run.

Loss of control – Critics believe that outsourcing can cause a loss of control as compared to having in-house employees. Likewise, the confidentiality of data is at risk when hiring staff from an outside vendor.

That is why before outsourcing technical support services, it is important to do some research about the contact center or the vendor offering such services. You should also check the history of the provider and its financial security. Choose a service provider that is organized and already has experience in handling technology, has a good working environment and also has been efficient in implementing new systems.

When it comes to outsourcing services, it is essential to think which is better – either to outsource locally or overseas. This option allows the outsourcing company to find the best talent pool who can perform an exemplary job. In deciding to outsource offshore or locally, it is important to think about the skill and size of the labor pool and also take their language proficiency into consideration as well.

Call center hiring overseas is cheaper. The price of outsourcing is one of the major concerns, but hiring Filipino agents does not only give you value for your money but also ensures that you will be given quality services. The demand for outsourcing technical support services is increasing worldwide. Thus, many foreign companies are hiring technicians from the Philippines because they know that Filipinos can do the job very well.

The option of outsourcing allows an organization to add extra staff without adding to the overhead expenses. It is worthy to invest in outsourcing non-core functions. This way, the in-house staff can focus on the core functions of the business operations. According to a study conducted by IBM Research, outsourcing also provides a financial impact that can benefit the business. Companies that consider outsourcing services enjoy better returns.

Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc. is one of the BPO companies offering different services including technical support. In fact, many entrepreneurs are using this strategy in generating income as well as in growing their businesses. Likewise, the advent in technology is another factor that makes outsourcing more popular when it comes to enhancing the visibility of the business. It is not difficult to find reliable and credible firms because by simply browsing the internet, you can easily find plenty of call centers offering outsourcing services.

Outsourcing tasks gives you the opportunity to work anywhere because qualified professionals are easy to access and available anytime. Indeed, outsourcing is not only viable for big businesses but also for businesses that are just starting. This will save the expenses in hiring in-house staff designated to handle the daily activities of the business. Likewise, most business owners to do not have enough time to monitor the growth of the business and that is why they prefer outsourcing non-core tasks and hire customer service representatives.

On the other hand, outsourcing needs you to make a sound decision before doing it. Some business owners mistakenly outsource tasks because they do not want to do the task. That is why it is recommended to determine the strength and values of your business before making this huge decision. Likewise, it is also essential to identify the core capabilities and competencies of the business you are in. Investigating all the opportunities offered by outsourcing can help in making the right decision.

Some of the tasks that is commonly outsourced include the following:

• Highly skilled positions – Hiring an in-house CEO can be very expensive because of the higher salary. Luckily, you can find a CEO-level representative from call centers to do the job, yet you will only pay for every service rendered.
• Highly repetitive tasks – Outsourcing these tasks is reasonable as it can reduce the tasks handled by the in-house staff. This way, they can focus on the core activities that can contribute to the growth and success of the business.
• Specialized knowledge – Technical and IT support are specialized skills that should be outsourced.
Finding the right provider offering outsourcing services is the key not only to improve business operations but also the organizational structure. It is not only the quality service that they can provide but also Filipino representatives can communicate well with foreign clients. This is an edge that Philippine call centers have as compared to other countries because Filipinos are fluent in speaking English and other languages.

Therefore, if you are planning to start a business or are thinking of expanding an existing one, you should consider investing in outsourcing your customer support system. You can expect that the money you spend in paying for the services would be worth it.