Fb Pixel Are You Prepared to Meet the Holiday Customer Surge?

Are You Prepared to Meet the Holiday Customer Surge?

Are You Prepared to Meet the Holiday Customer Surge?

christmas-saleIt’s the most wonderful time of the year…” go the lyrics of a certain song. Yes, the holidays are considered by many as the most wonderful time of the year as it is the season of cheer.

Though one has to wonder: do businesses savor it as much, especially those in the customer service department? With so many clients heading to stores, logging online and doing just about anything to hunt for bargains and the like, sales and service personnel need to be on their toes to attend to customers’ needs. Whether they’re based in-store or at a call center, teams can expect to receive a slew of clients coming in to inquire, purchase, complain about faulty or mixed-up items, or the like.

Fortunately, companies and enterprises like yours can do something to beat the holiday blues. One excellent way to do this is by beefing up the contact network. Apart from the traditional phone, put in place other channels such as live chat, email, and even a Facebook or Twitter account—if you still don’t have these. Times such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas shopping spree season are often the best times to start doing so. It’s about ensuring that clients don’t fuss and complain even more when trying to reach you, lest they walk away or curse you to your grave.

Of course, having more channels does not mean a thing if these are not updated. Is your website filled with your latest promos? Do your customer inquiry agents know about your Black Friday specials? Make sure that you are not left with egg on your face once patrons start asking if you have the latest iPhone 5S at half the price—just as that newspaper ad published earlier today. “Today’s communication is in no way limited. With adequate preparation beforehand and communication outlets in place, you can handle this holiday season in an organized manner and stay profitable.”, says Kevin Gao, founder and CEO of Connect100, a leading provider of live-chat software. And yes, he took the customer service advice right of our mouth.

Are you prepared for the holiday rush this year? Share your thoughts today.

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