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Be a People’s Call Center

Have you ever come across a person who can mingle and get along with just about anyone he meets?

We’re not talking about the “political-candidate-who-is-running-for-office” kind of friendly guy. Rather, we mean the guy who can get along with a person from the ghettos and another from Beverly Hills—and even become true friends with both.

Believe it or not, this might just be the characteristic your business, especially your call center, should be showing its clients. And yes, it can win customers over.

Think about it. Your customer contact call center gets a lot of calls every day. And these callers come from different walks of life. You will inevitably be dealing with different types of business people, company executives, executive assistants, and even the average Joe.

The trick to successfully dealing with each one of them is to treat them equally. Show the maintenance guy the same warmth, friendliness, and respect that you would show the big boss. By the same token, listen to what they have to say, get to know them a bit, and simply treat them as people —with sincerity.

It isn’t hard to win customers over via your inbound call center. Just be the warm and friendly guy (or girl) and you’re on your way. Pretty soon, you’ll be the company everyone loves.